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To support teenage expectant mothers between ages 11 and 18 to deliver a healthy baby and provide spiritual and educational guidance in raising their child.

Strategic Plan

  • Provide living facilities for expectant mothers who do not otherwise have support from their immediate family & this is their first pregnancy.

  • Three months stay beyond the normal nine months of pregnancy; a total of one year of living arrangements

  • Provide counseling & guidance in raising a child both from a practical, nutritional, and spiritual perspective.

  • Empower expectant mother and instill accountability to the proper well-rounded care of their health and the development needs of the newborn baby.

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(Neglected and Homeless)


To provide a place of refuge and safety for children who have been neglected, physically or mentally abused, or abandoned by their parents.

Strategic Plan

  • Provide emergency and/or extended living facilities for as long as needed.

  • Promote an atmosphere of harmony, peace, joy, love and security.

  • Deliver exceptional care and nurturing in the areas of counseling, and listening.

  • Provide a well-balance, nutritional diet, clothing, and proper hygiene.

  • Create an atmosphere of open communication for questions to be asked and answered.

  • Provide skilled professionals who can handle sensitive and confidential matters.

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To provide emergency shelter for single mothers with children who have encountered hardship due to financial limitations,

or unemployment.

Strategic Plan

  • Applicant will provide evidence of eviction from former residence.

  • Living facilities will be provided by UX for three months maximum.

  • Provide counseling on financial management & seminars on overcoming obstacles.

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To provide a safe and wholesome environment for the youths of the Virgin Islands where they can have free expression,

fellowship, and enjoyment without restrictions.

Strategic Plan

  • Lease/purchase facility conductive to daytime, nighttime, and weekend activities.

  • Provide a place of fellowship with their peers, which would encompass a game room, theater room, lounge area, and restaurant. At times, live music will be provided, or professional entertainers will be booked.

  • Sunday morning worship & the Word service at location officiated by an experienced youth leader or youth pastor.

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